Answer To Common Questions About Dental Fillings

I am going to share some of the common questions asked me about dental fillings.

What Are the Benefits of White Fillings?

There are a number of benefits of white fillings as mentioned below.

  • Help with broken or cracked teeth.
  • The perfect option for those experiencing tooth decay.
  • Composite fillings are a better option in comparison to silver amalgam.
  • Greater protection is offered by composite fillings from thermal stresses.
  • They are tooth-colored and merge with the look of your surrounding teeth.
  • Get rid of unsightly areas which are otherwise apparent when you get silver amalgam fillings.
  • Better stability is offered as only a small amount of the structure is replaced. This ensures that more of your natural tooth remains.

What Types of Dental Fillings Materials Are Available?

  • Tooth-Colored Composite: It is a great option if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your mouth. Composite fillings provide a natural look and bond to the structure of your teeth.
  • Ceramic: Porcelain is used for ceramic filling treatment and tends to be quite expensive as it lasts around 15 to 20 years.
  • Silver Amalgam: Considered to be the most cost-effective option, a silver filling lasts a long time and is strong enough to combat prolonged chewing. You should be able to get them fitted within a single dental session.
  • Gold: Gold fillings are the most expensive option. However, they are highly durable and do not corrode. Besides, most people prefer gold fillings instead of silver fillings.

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Why Get White Fillings?

According to My Dentist San Francisco, there are various reasons to get white fillings:

  • Natural: White fillings are a great option as they are naturally tooth-colored and are less visible in comparison to other options. The latest technology has made it possible for composite fillings to match the surrounding teeth. Thus, you can hope to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing look. In addition to their beauty, the fillings would provide necessary support from crookedness and decay.
  • Durability: When deciding which fillings to get, you have to consider durability. Although there are different options available, you cannot go wrong when you opt for composite fillings. They offer an effective solution and can withstand the daily rigors of drinking and chewing. Unlike silver amalgam that can crack, you have nothing to worry about when you opt for white fillings.
  • Thermal Stresses: With the passage of time, thermal stresses tend to occur. Generally, consuming something hot or cold can cause the teeth to expand and contract which causes damage and cracking. By getting composite fillings, you get to benefit from durability.

Do Your Teeth Become Sensitive After Dental Fillings?

Although you are likely to experience some sensitivity initially, you have nothing to worry about when you get dental fillings.

Composite fillings are an excellent option as they ensure that you do not experience any sensitivity whatsoever.

How Long Would It Take To Get Composite Fillings?

A great thing about getting composite fillings is that the procedure does not take as much time. In fact, you can expect to be done within an hour. However, it all comes down to your requirements.

Would the Teeth Be Out of Action After You Get Composite Filling?

The amount of time it takes for dental filling recovery depends on the cavity that is being filled. Typically, you should have no trouble eating once the treatment is complete. There would be no discomfort.

However, it is best that you do not eat or drink for a few hours until the anesthetic wears off. It should take some time for the soreness to fade away. Your dentist will advise you about dental filling aftercare to ensure proper healing.

Do Composite Fillings Stain With Time?

Even though you cannot prevent staining altogether, you will be delighted to know that composite fillings tend to be tooth-colored and last a long time. Thus, you should not have any inconvenience whatsoever.

How Long Will the Filling Last?

Typically, the filling should last you around 5 to 10 years. However, it all comes down to the material you select. If you opt for a porcelain filling, it should last you up to 15 years.

To prolong the filling and ensure that it looks its best, it is recommended that you visit the dentist twice a year. If you notice the filling chipping away or darkening, it is crucial that you visit your dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, you would need to get a new filling.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Fillings?

There are various factors that affect the cost of fillings as mentioned below.

  • The size of the cavity.
  • The tooth structure remains.
  • The material used by your dentist.
  • The experience and skill of your dentist.

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