Why Are You Always Tired: Fatigue Causes

Why Are You Always Tired? There is a lot of stuff you want to change in your life.

You want to get fitter you want to save more money or want to travel.

They’re things you want to do but they all take energy. The problem is, how do you know if you’re just being lazy. When it comes to doing a habit maybe you’re just not healthy and don’t have energy. Well, that’s what I am going to talk about because I think it’s a really important distinction.

I want you to think about is that when you do anything there’s the concept of activation energy.

Pay Attention To The “Activation Energy” Of Habits

Almost like how in physics when something is at rest you have to break the force of friction. You have to continue fighting the force of friction. Well, what I’ve found is that when you start a new habit you also have to do something very similar. That is this idea of activation energy.

Have you ever tried to go to the gym and you’re just sitting there on the couch or flipping through the channels you say you’re going to go in 30 minutes? You’re like alright, after the next commercial you’re going to the gym. The next commercial going to go to the gym. Next commercial and so.

It just builds and it’s hard to overcome that initial inertia. Maybe other days you just get out of your car you show up at the gym and it’s done. You’re left wondering well why was it so difficult that one day versus today.

This idea of activation energy habits and doing stuff requires energy. It requires willpower. The longer the day gets further we are in the day the less willpower we actually have.

The point here is that some things are just not easy, to begin with, but once you get going just like going to the gym they’re easier. You have to ask yourself you really have to question yourself, is this just one of those things where I’m going to have to push a little bit at the start, and then it’s going to get easier.

That’s the first thing I want you to consider. Because of this energy, it may be psychological, it may be the resistance feeling you don’t want to do something, could be a new habit rather than it is about your health. It is another reason for low energy.

Ask Yourself If You Only Fell Tired Doing Certain Things

So the second question is, Is this only on certain things?

So a good indicator is that if this is just a feeling of laziness. You have to push through versus something related to health.

Do you feel like having low energy if you feel this kind of low energy this frictions resistance all the time or is it just on certain things?

This is just when it’s time to go to the gym or go to work or go to school or is it literally on everything. Maybe you can’t get yourself to get up the tank yourself to go to bed on time, can’t you get yourself to do the work. You want to do the work you want, take yourself to save money to travel. If you can’t get yourself to do anything, that may be an indicator of actual low energy which may be more of a health issue than a psychological one.

When it’s with certain things, maybe you realize you have some kind of relationship with working out or with work or with working on my book or with going on a date with my girlfriend or my boyfriend. If you realize that then maybe it’s worth investigating it a little bit more.

Ask Yourself, “How Is Your Energy Between 3-5 PM?”

The third thing to consider is how is your energy between 3 & 5.

So I found that with myself with friends and many other people often the best indicator if you’ve been sleeping enough, is if you have an afternoon slump. How bad that afternoon slump really is. I noticed that on the days where I sleep under 7 hours I feel a strong low in my energy from 3 to 5. At that point, I either need to push or I need to withdraw.

Man with tired eyes

I need to go do something else that’s more relaxing, maybe you can take a nap on that big Napper but the idea is that if you need that lull you see that lull in the afternoons maybe you’re not sleeping enough and that’s honestly one of the easiest ways to spot if it’s just you don’t have the energy or you feel so lazy.

Why Bring These Things Up?

So the reason I bring up these three things is that if you’re lazy there are things to work on. If you’re tired I like to think of it as more of a medical thing. Think of how much sleep are you getting whether you are overworking or not eating healthy enough. What’s going on in my life regarding my health that’s not giving me enough of a recharge to go do the stuff I have to do later in the day.

If it’s laziness it’s often in one sense psychological like I don’t really want to do that I don’t want to go to work I don’t want to go to school I don’t want to go out with that person and I want to go out with those friends anymore that’s partly psychological.

It’s your mental process affecting the physical body. If you just had vacation the next day you’d probably be pretty excited. All your energy would come back. So when it comes to your habits this is the time you give your habit for today. Always think whether you’re just being lazy about this or actually tired. And I personally think of tiredness as more of a medical and health issue. You need to take care of it.

Improve Your Fitness

Maybe because of diabetes we are exhausted after every single meal. Or pre-diabetes or we’re going down that road.  It could just be not sleeping enough it could be relying too much on stimulants. If you feel really tired and you’ve gone through these and you think wow I’m probably tired then I would personally focus more on the health habits.

Give yourself time, give yourself several months for that to kick in. If you’re lazy, the simplest thing to do is to push harder. That just maybe a simple fact of reaching your actual goals.

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