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There’s no doubt that the pandemic has impacted small business firms and new businesses enormously. Many businesses had to shut down because of the pandemic, there has been a huge change in the personal and professional lives of the people. Lucky are those who adopted this ‘new normal’ and shifted their work on the online platform.

Software technologies and automation has been a great source to help small businesses from managing their tasks to managing making payments online. Businesses are shifting towards contactless transactions as much as possible. With the current situation, it would seem that online businesses will expand much sooner. Here are some tools that will help us make our work more flexible.

Xero: The Best Accounting Software

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that was made for small business firms. It is really helpful for observing the financial background or goodwill of the firms we are dealing with, to keep a check on their cash-flows and also provides help in managing the financial performance. Financial reports can be modified to track particular financial KPIs and differentiate the company’s financial management and performance as per the actual or given period. Monetary transactions can also be made with the help of Xero. It provides free technical support 24/7.

Accounting Software

G-Suite: Best Documentation Software

There’s no comparison with the services that are provided by Google. One can create and share documents (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), and presentations (Google Slides). Through the wide range of tools that Google provides one can easily have video call meetings and send emails. There is a specialized AI-support system that makes the search process much easier and mobile application is also available to make it much more flexible. You can transfer files within an internal or external organization.

Zoom: The Video Communication Software

In this pandemic, if there’s one app that has reached new heights then it must be Zoom. Zoom is a video communication application that helps people to have business webinars and interact without much chaos. Zoom has file-sharing capabilities and is a great source for meeting solutions for small business firms.

Slack: The Best Communication Tool

Slack is a simple tool that helps in simplifying your tasks. It connects through chat as well as different channels, helping in tasks like sharing assignments, making one-on-one calls as well as video calls. You can share your views with a group of people and can also get expert help. The Documents Editor helps in tracking, managing, creating, sharing as well storing all the documents in one place. Organizing your documents in different workplaces and interacting with co-workers is easy and efficient. Its direct search feature helps in utilizing your time effectively. It also consists of the media library which also benefits lead capturing.

Act: Best CRM Software

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Act helps small companies to manage features like campaign management, reporting features, and tracker. It also consists of various advanced automated features such as market automation tools and innate dashboards. For analytics, it also provides team and sales pipeline management features. The user-friendly software is also available on mobile applications and is accessible 24/7.

MailChimp: Email Marketing Software

MailChimp is an easy-to-use and price-effective software that is surely beneficial for small-scale businesses. It allows users to make necessary changes with the changing dynamics and business situations. It is even available for free for firms that come under 2k subscribers. MailChimp has a superb selection of features such as behavioral targeting, A/B testing, custom templates, advanced segmentation. It offers its free users 12k emails per month and multi-user accounts. Their chat support system is freely accessible for 30 days.

PayPal: Easy Transactions

PayPal provides a secure way of making global monetary transactions. It is a widely adopted platform for e-commerce transactions. Many consumers, as well as businessmen, use it for making transactions and it is growing rapidly.


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