A Gentleman’s Guide To Vaping

Modern-day gentlemen slowly change the old-fashioned idea of the macho man being recognizable by the huge cigar and glass of liquor in his hand. Thanks to the contemporary styles that change the idea of smoking being cool, to being rather obsolete, many people are turning to safer and healthier habits that are completing their lifestyle choices and preferences. 

Many young men today are adopting the idea of the contemporary alternative to smoking – vaping. Vaping offers many more choices in terms of personal preference and control over the substances inhaled. Not only does a seriously stylish vape mod add to a modern and trendy lifestyle, but it also allows for immense satisfaction. So, what do you need to know before purchasing your personal favorite vape device and vape juice in the preferred flavor?

These two are the essentials and all other info is included in this brief, but comprehensive guide on vaping for the modern-day gentleman. 

Why is Vaping Better than Smoking?

According to several world health organizations, among which Public Health England, vaping is 95% safer or healthier than smoking. Moreover, the substances that are found in traditional cigarettes, besides nicotine, are toxic and in many cases cause serious health problems.

Unlike smoke, vape juices used with vaping devices are made from highly regulated substances that are not a threat to lung health or overall human health. Moreover, if the vaper chooses a vape juice containing nicotine they will have complete control over the dosage and are able to set the exact amount preferred. This helps decrease the amounts until one is free of nicotine dependency. 

In addition, with vaping, the awful odor related to smoking is completely excluded. On the contrary, vape devices can be used with juices in all kinds of flavors and aromas. Not only that the vapor does not smell anything similar to regular cigarettes but it smells quite pleasant, mostly depending on the vape juice flavor used.  

Another factor that makes vaping a common choice these days, is that it’s way cheaper than regular smokes. One pack of traditional cigarettes is quite expensive and the price is growing day by day due to the increased price of tobacco. Monthly spending on a pack of cigarettes can reach up to $200 if a person smokes approximately a pack a day.

And although for many, vaping seems like a luxury, it certainly isn’t. Purchasing a quality vape device may be an investment at the beginning but it is something that you can use indefinitely. Although you do need a regular e-juice refill, there are a lot of products at different prices on the market that can make it quite affordable to everyone. Moreover, you can purchase in bulk and spend $200 on several months’ fillings of e-juice to vape regularly. In that case, even if you vape as much as you used to smoke you won’t be spending as much money as on traditional cigarettes. 

How to Choose the Best Vaping Device for Yourself

Men prefer to use massive vape pods that primarily look manly. Additionally, they have several functions and are the advanced version of vape devices that allow one to have complete control over the levels of nicotine or similar substances (like CBD or THC) inhaled. Vape pods and vape mods also producing a large amount of vapor which is another personal preference that in practice is preferred by all men. These types of devices are however recommended and mostly used by experienced vapers.

As they produce large amounts of vapor and require experience in vaping in general, a beginner may find the experience with vape pods and mods a bit harsh. Therefore, if you are a beginner, or considering starting vaping, always choose a smaller e-cigarette or medium-sized vape pod.

Another thing to consider when purchasing your vape device is the design. Some vape devices are made as disposable e-cigarettes and others with refillable cartridges. The disposable product is mostly recommended for beginners. Disposable vape devices are designed to be familiar to smokers as they do not contain replaceable parts, buttons, or batteries.

Moreover, they are easy to use, meaning you simply remove the device from the package and as you put it in your mouth and start puffing is almost the same as a regular cigarette. Once the battery is dead or the cartridge with vape juice is emptied you can simply toss them in the trash.

Different from disposable devices, advanced e-cigs, vape mods, and mods offer a variety of choices when it comes to product design, menu to enable various settings, rechargeable or replaceable batteries, etc… There are so many types and brands on the market that one will certainly find their best fit.

How to Choose E-liquid

Once you have decided on your vape device it’s time for the best part of the vaping practice overall. E-liquids also known as e-juices are the missing piece to complete satisfaction for the hedonists. Today, they are tailored to perfection and can be found in any possible flavor imaginable. So, do you love to indulge in chocolate?  Now you can enjoy the flavor while vaping. You can also choose a liquor-flavored one and enjoy a smoke and a drink all in one, the choices and combinations are practically endless. 

Apart from the nicotine levels which should be well considered according to personal needs, you should choose any flavor that first comes to your mind as something that you will love. Also, if you prefer to leave a great impression in public you can use the aroma of the vapor as the cent you want to leave behind as it will stay on your hair and probably breathe.

Back to the nicotine part, if you wish to completely exclude nicotine from your life you can slowly adjust the nicotine dosage in your favorite vape juice up until the point when it’s insignificantly low and your body is no longer dependent on it.

Choose as many flavors as you like, experiment, and find one that is your regular. All others are additions to your permanent or temporary collection. Do not stick with the same there are just as many out there that you probably will need years before trying all of them! Enjoy!


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