A Definitive Guide To Reach New Heights of Privacy

In today’s busy world, having a home that’s a private oasis where you can relax in your own way is essential. Adding privacy to outdoor areas is crucial since they are often visible to neighbors and passing strangers. Fencing, shrubbery, and trees can all help shield your property.

Taking the time and effort to create a peaceful, protected area has multiple benefits. A fence can increase security, outline boundaries, improve curb appeal, and make the backyard more attractive.

Attractive Fencing Can Improve Security

Adding a privacy fence to your property shields activities from prying eyes, providing more personal freedom. Fencing can add style to the property since suppliers offer a wide range of decorative materials. Add flowers and shrubs as accents to create a unique look.

A good-looking fence can also make your home more secure. It can protect pets and children and, depending on how tall the fence is, may also discourage thieves. According to, adding height to an existing fence can enhance security and privacy. 

Choose the Right Fencing Material

Suppliers offer various fencing materials, and the right one for your purposes will depend on factors like the home’s style and the fence’s primary purpose. For example, cedar is an excellent choice if you are going for an attractive, classic fence that will last for years. It resists insects and decay and has a lovely reddish hue that eventually turns to a silver-grey. Fencing must be sealed at installation and annually thereafter.

While wood can cost more than man-made materials, Ready Seal professionals say that cedar can still be a budget-friendly choice. Because it is durable, you won’t have to replace fencing for many years. However, options like spruce may be better for those on limited budgets.

Treated wood is another affordable option that is moisture and insect-resistant. Wood should be sealed to protect it and enhance the wood looks. Consider that treated wood pickets can rot and may twist over time.

Vinyl is an excellent, budget-friendly choice that will last many years. Suppliers offer a wide range of styles and colors, so there is something for every taste. Many patterns mimic the look of natural materials like wood. Vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, attractive, and typically includes a lifetime warranty.

Consider Style and Function

home fence

Architectural Digest writers say a fence can be functional and still add style and interest to your property. While a standard fence will do the job, it can also make your yard look closed in. Designers suggest using materials in unconventional ways to create a more inviting, attractive space.

For instance, a basket weave fence can add privacy and the illusion of movement. Materials are still made of wood but with a less-traditional twist. Fencing becomes a backdrop for outdoor activities and helps create the feeling of an oasis.

A chevron privacy wall offers sound protection and privacy. The fence is constructed by arranging wood in a chevron pattern, which lends interest. It’s an eye-catching, impressive look.

Privacy fences can be built using horizontal or vertical planks. A vertical approach draws the eye up. You can also vary the length of planks slightly to add interest.

A privacy fence is a wise investment that can make your home more attractive and secure. Suppliers offer various fencing materials in a wide range of styles, and there is something for every budget. Contractors will build conventional fences or create stylish alternatives that add interest to properties.

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