A Beginners Guide For Choosing The Best Vape Kits

Vaping is getting popular more than ever. More people are choosing to transition from smoking to vaping, which is safer and better.

So you have gone through the vape kits from Dr Dabber, and you are still not sure which one to pick? It can be overwhelming for a first-time user to find the right kit.

With this guide, we offer you some tips for buying your first vape kit and get you one step closer to choosing the right one for you. First, let us look at the different types of vape kits in the market.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are considered a great invention in the vaping world because they provide a unique vaping experience compared to the usual starter kit, which usually comes in a tank and a mod. These will give you an experience similar to smoking a real cigarette, so they are good if you finally want to kick the smoking habit.

The pod mods are cheaper and offer convenience and portability. This means you can easily take it with you anywhere, even in your pocket.

Another advantage with this type of vape kit is it comes with two options, pre-filled cartridges, and empty cartridges, which you can fill with your favorite flavor. The cartridges are also disposable. Once you are done using it, you can toss it away and get a new one.

The features and anatomy of a pod system are easy. It consists of a battery and a pod. All you have to do is remove the pod and refill it with e-juice, then place it back in the battery. This is so far the easiest option out there, and it’s also easy to use.

Vape Kits

Box mod kits

For beginners to vaping, we recommend going for something simpler like the pod mods, but if you are the adventurous one and looking to inhale in some more vapor, then the box mod kit delivers just that. However, we need to put out a disclaimer, if you are planning on inhaling nicotine salt e liquids, then don’t use this because it delivers a high concentration of nicotine which may be harmful to your health.

Finding a box mod may be overwhelming, different manufacturers offer different types, but you can get good starter kits. It may cost you a lot more, but the features and embellishments that come with this type of vape kit are many and better. When people are talking high-end vaping, then this is it.

The box mod kit features a tank at the top, a coil, and below the neck of the device is the box mod. Some mods have an allowance for a battery, while others come with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Pen-style vape kits

When someone imagines what a vaping kit looks like, this is the type that most likely comes to mind. It comes with a simple pen-like design hence mimics the feel of holding a cigarette. Beginner pen-like vaping kits have more battery wattage and power compared to pod mods.

The pen-style vape kits can be slightly costly, but they are the best choice for people who prefer a direct-to-lung style of vaping. The clouds of vape you inhale are not like cigarette smoke but a vapor that goes straight to your lungs.

The best thing about this vape kit is the customizable settings. You have the option of adjusting wattage; you can also choose sub-ohm tank pairings or mouth-to-lung preferences. There is also an air level button that lets you control the airflow. It works very simply the same as a lever or dial ring.

The battery also offers power output adjustments or an LED battery light indicator. With this type, you must hit the fire button to release the vapor for inhaling, unlike the pod mods with an automatic firing feature.

The kit also comes with a tank where you place your e-juice. It also has a coil, which you can replace after some use, same as the tank, it is also replaceable. But they vary from design to design.

What are the factors to consider when choosing your vape kit?

The kind of draw you are looking for

One of the factors that will help you choose the kind of vape kit you want is the draw you’re looking for.

Mouth to lung vape kits – these types of vape kits are made to mimic the way you would use a cigarette. With this, you draw in the vapor into the mouth then it goes directly to your lungs. These vape kits are ideal for people looking to switch from smoking to vaping because they give the familiar throat hit. However, these vape kits have limited power and produce a smaller amount of vapor same as the volume of a cigarette.

Direct to lung vape kits – these are usually high-powered and will produce more vapor. And this makes the vapor go directly to the lung because it is not held in the mouth. These types of vape kits emulate a hookah, so if you are looking for more vapor, this is ideal for you.

Type of battery

Do you need a removable or inbuilt battery? The battery you will use will determine the vape kit you buy. Vape kits with inbuilt batteries have limited power capabilities because they are charged with a cable. The only benefit is that you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery once you buy the kit.

On the other hand, the removable battery is better because it stays healthy for longer when charged by an external battery charger rather than a cable. They also offer more powerful capabilities to your vape kit.


You have two options fixed power or adjustable power. Fixed power vapes are simple to use and usually have no buttons. Fixed power vape kits do not allow for any adjustment, and you have to use them with the wattage required by the coil which reduces as the charge gets depleted.

Adjustable power vapes give you the option of controlling how much power goes into the col. With this type of vape kit, you can customize the settings to suit your preference or wattage.

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