6 Key Considerations for Buying New Dental Chair

What is the most important equipment in a dentist’s office? In 1790, American surgeon and dentist Josiah Flagg modified a writing chair to build the first-ever dental chair. Today, some people dread going to a dental clinic, so a comfy chair can make the situation more bearable. When shopping for a new chair, it is important to know which features will provide patients with the best experience possible.

Here are some factors to consider:

Dental Equipment Offerings

In situations like launching a new dental clinic or remodeling an old one, you might want to purchase other dental clinic equipment besides chairs. Some of the available ones include:

  • Stools
  • Carts
  • Cabinets

These and other items can help you furnish your dental clinic with everything you need for cleanings, fillings, braces, and other dental services. The entire process is more convenient when you can purchase all the dental equipment from a single company.

Chair Brands

Consumers are usually much more familiar with chair brands for bedrooms and living rooms. In fact, even dentists might be unfamiliar with some of the leading brands of dental equipment like chairs.

Well-established brands will have a higher price tag, but it might be worthwhile. The reason is it is common for high-quality dentist chairs to still be in good shape after a decade. However, that is less likely if you pick a low-quality chair made with cheap materials and poor craftsmanship.

Customer Service

Like buying other furniture, make sure to research the general customer service provided. You can read some positive and negative online reviews, for example. Some services to look for include demos, financing, and repairs. Such features show the company is dedicated to offering outstanding service even before a person decides to purchase a chair or other equipment.

A caveat to consider is the relatively high cost of such equipment. In fact, the average price is about AUD13,500, according to Medical Research. If a dental clinic is preparing to purchase a new chair, you should know also how much customer support a particular company might provide.

Overall Chair Design

When picking a new chair, some of the main design issues to take up include comfort and ergonomics. This will improve the patient’s experience and make the dentist’s work easier. A chair’s aesthetics are also important yet less so than its functionality.

Another key issue is the chair’s dimensions. There are different factors to take up. They include the room’s size where the chair will be installed and the ergonomics of the patient and dentist.


These are both important components that can affect the patient’s overall experience. For example, some units have a removable headrest, which allows kids to rest their head on the cushion.

There are also different headrest styles, including “double articulated headrest.” These are technical issues yet certainly worth researching. Meanwhile, the backrest must be wide enough, so your patients have enough support and comfort. On the other hand, it should still be narrow enough so the doctor can stand close enough to the patient for dental treatments.

Company Experience

When selecting a maker of dental equipment, you can find companies that have been in the industry for decades or even over half a century. Some companies can even trace their history back to foreign countries.

When selecting a company, you will have a better experience in terms of product quality and customer service with a well-established one versus a startup. When picking dental equipment for your clinic, the chair is easily one of the most expensive items to add. It is critical to consider options like dental chair design, upholstery, and ergonomics. This can help to ensure the patient will be as safe, comfortable, and relaxed as possible.

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