12 Quotes By The Joker: Heath Ledger

The Dark Knight is one of the movies in which the villain was as loved as the main character. He’s among the most badass villain in a movie to ever exist.

Late Health Ledger played the role of joker perfectly in ‘The Dark Knight‘ and won the heart of his fans.

Here’re quotes by the joker that are kind of fascinating.


joker saying how to live without rules


quote by joker quoting when people panic in life


gif of joker speaking about putting a smile on face
© DC Comics


joker telling batman how they're cheap
© DC Comics


Joker quoting how a man has nothing to fear


joker saying how he stopped loking under the bed


joker telling that he hates his father
© DC Comics


Joker telling about madness in batman movie


quote by joker telling how people react in the end
© DC Comics


Joker quoting why so serious


Joker telling ways to live their life
© DC Comics


joker saying no one hates you for a reason
© DC Comics.



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