10 Ways to Last Longer and Be Better in Bed Right Now!

You finally got a date with that one special girl.

You took her out, it went well, now you guys are back at your house, she’s in your bedroom, now she’s in your bed, now her clothes are off, holy shit, it’s about to go down, yes, you’re in her, you’re doing it, you’re doing it,  and you’re done.

Wait, is that it?

How to last longer in bed?

Is sex only supposed to last only 3 minutes?

Is that what sex is?

Hell no it isn’t!


Taking off cloths to have sex


Sex is awesome, and if you’re only lasting a few minutes, you’re not getting the full experience, and it’s not gonna be anywhere near as great as it could be – for you, OR for HER.

If you get a girl in bed and you only last 3 to 4 minute do not expect her to be coming back for more.

But don’t fear.

I’ll be teaching you TEN, very specific ways, to last longer in bed.


#1. Go slower and more sensual.

Don’t jackhammer. That’s how most guys have sex. The girl lies down, the guy lies on top of her, and then he just pounds her over and over, faster and faster, until he’s done. That’s not good – for you, OR for her – it sucks. And not “sucks” in the way you want to be sucked. If you’re pounding girls and finishing really fast, try for a slower vibe.

You can make it more sensual, more personal, more affectionate.


dim the lights for better sex


#2. Dim the lights.

I like having the lights on, nice and bright, so I can see what’s happening. If you like visual stimulation and find it
gets you more into it, then try going without it. Dim the lights or turn them off entirely.

Doing this can allow you to last longer because you have less stimulation.


#3. Switch positions.

If you’re close to finishing and you’re not ready to finish yet, switch into a position that won’t get you off – like kissing, cuddling, eating her out, fingering her, sucking on her feet, flipping her around and kissing her body, or taking her to another location like the shower or the bath.

This gives you some time to cool down a little, and then after awhile, you can resume.


man wearing condom to last longer


#4. Wear a condom.

If you haven’t had sex with a condom and without one, you may not know this, but sex without a condom feels WAY better. If you’re used to doing it with a condom, and then you try once without it, you’ll be done faster. Likewise, if you’ve had sex 50 times without a condom and then you put one on, you’ll probably take forever to finish.

And if you’re a guy who has trouble lasting long enough, this could be a good thing for you. Depending on how much longer you want to last, you can get thicker and thicker condoms, and the thicker it is the more it’ll decrease
the sense of touch in your dick, and you’ll be able to last longer.

KEEP IN MIND: you should ALWAYS wear a condom when having sex because there is nothing godly about chlamydia.


pills and delay spray to last longer


#5. Use this thing called Delay Spray

Guys typically orgasm after 6 minutes.

Girls – 19 minutes.

So if you actually care about your girl, you don’t want to be done in 6 minutes and then go play Call of Duty while she just lays there thinking “wow, this guy fucking sucks.

And even if you don’t care about the girl, you still want her to have a good experience, because it means she’ll come back for more. With Delay Spray, you don’t have to hold back or slow down. You can go all out for as long as you want. This lets you give it to her as long as she needs and wants so that she can reach orgasm. Give her that, and she’ll want sex all the time.

Did you ever notice that the longer you have sex, the bigger the build up an the better the orgasm?

With delay spray, you’ll be going longer and getting one of those back-wrenching, neck-breaking, teeth-grinding orgasms and an amazing huge release.

It’ll feel epic for you – and it’ll be epic for the girl.

Make sure to get some delay spray which is medically approved.


man jacking off

#6. Jack off more often.

If you’ve been doing NoFap for 6 months, no jacking off, no sex, no nothing, and then you are going to be done in no time. On the other hand, if you’ve been jacking off and/or having sex every day, then you’re gonna last significantly longer. Now if you’re a monk, and you’re trying to avoid sexual stimulation, I’m not saying you have to set Pornhub as your homepage and start hopping on it 3 times a day.

But going long periods without sexual activity WILL make you finish a lot faster. So it’s up to you.


#7. Jack off right before you have sex.

One easy trick is to jack off before you have sex. For example, let’s say your girl is coming over at 8 pm. You can rub one out around 7:30, it’ll give you enough time to recover so you still get hard with her, but you’ll last longer as a
result. This tip also has the added benefit of removing your “sex goggles” – you know, like when you’re really desperate for sex that you call up a girl who’s like a 3 out of 10 at best that you don’t even like, and then literally half
a nanosecond after you fuck her you’re thinking “dammit, what did I just do.

” If you jack off beforehand, you’ll be less desperate to get off, and if you’re no longer into the girl, you can cancel on her before you do something you’ll regret.


man watching porn

#8. Don’t look at porn or do sexually stimulating things earlier in the day.

If you do things that sexually stimulate you earlier in the day, and then you have sex later in the day, you’ll have built yourself up and put yourself in the mood so you’re ready to start and you’ll finish a lot faster. So avoid sexual things during the day if you’re planning to have sex that night.

Now at first, this might sound like it conflicts with the previous tip, but in this one what I really mean is: avoid sexually arousing things. If you’re not going to have any release between them and when you have sex, because then all of that energy will stay built up as you start having sex, and you’ll be done faster than everyone’s interest in the most recent Call of Duty game.


#9. Do it more than once.

So you just had sex. All 35 seconds of it. Well, no big deal.

You know you’re allowed to do it more than once right?

Depending on who you are, it might take you anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour or so to recover and be ready to go again. Just cuddle with the girl, kiss, and pleasure her for awhile, until you’re ready to go again, and then just jump right into it.


#10. Have sex with girls who aren’t as good.

Usually, if a girl is inexperienced, she’s not gonna be that great in bed, because she won’t know what to do, she won’t know how to move optimally, she won’t know what to say, or anything else.

So if she’s not very experienced, you’ll probably last longer, because the sex just won’t be as good.


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